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Following up enquiries

How to follow up enquiries in a consistent and professional manner. 

Your marketing campaigns probably bring in product and service enquiries by email, website, telephone, fax and post. For each enquiry you get, you’ll no doubt attempt to follow up and send information to the prospect as quickly as possible. 

The quicker you can respond and satisfy a prospects need for information the more likely you are to make a sale. But what happens after the first piece of information you send? Do you have anything else to send them? 

If you don’t follow up the first message with additional information, your prospect will gradually fade into the distance. This prospect may have been very interested, but wasn’t quite ready to make contact. Perhaps the prospect may have been too busy, or lost your details, or simply forgot. If they don’t hear from you again, they will take their business elsewhere. 

Once you complete the Jumpsite Marketing Auto-responder Programme, you’ll be able to follow up all your enquiries in a professional manner. You’ll have a follow-up system tuned to your prospect types and deliver consistently, individually, and in a timely manner. What’s more, you’ll find that the number of regular subscribers to your newsletters increases every month to give you a larger prospect database to broadcast your offers.

Autoresponder email

Why should your business use auto-responders and newsletters?

Unfortunately, most visitors to your website won’t order on their first visit because they don't know enough about your offers. 

The visitor may be assessing budgetary requirements and not ready to purchase immediately. They may be evaluating other products or services and haven't made a decision yet. 

As a response to this, your business may choose to use newsletters as a mechanism of reminding their customers who you are and keeping them aware of your ability to solve their problems. As newsletters are generally abstract and cover several topics, the perceived value on its own is relatively low. 

An auto-responder can be made to be very specific and hence higher in value. People who subscribe to your auto-responders will receive highly tuned information according to their request. The auto-responder emails will help to guide them down a specific path, with the appropriate links to your website, that gives them timely and valuable information in order to make an informed decision. 

When combining newsletters with auto-responders, you will have the ability to build credibility and trust with your customers and prospects. By giving them impartial information about the current thinking in your business area in your newsletters, you can provide opt-ins in your newsletters to auto-responders for people wanting more information.

Preferred customer

Using an auto-responder system to manage your leads brings many time saving advantages

Prepare a series of informative and valuable guides for your visitors to subscribe to. 

By anticipating the kind of customer types that visit your website and empathising with them to discover what questions they ask, you can prepare a series of informative and valuable guides for them to subscribe to. 

Once setup, the auto-responder deals with each subscriber automatically. The visitors that request information from you via email or through your web site will be automatically delivered to them within seconds.

Another great advantage of an auto-responder is that the name and e-mail address of each subscriber is automatically added to your prospect database, saving you endless hours of data entry. 

Using this database, personalised follow up letters are automatically sent to each of your subscribers at regular, predetermined intervals, building trust and rapport between you and your subscribers. 

You can use this database to broadcast highly selective offers. As the system does all the work for you, the follow up system converts subscribers into customers without any intervention from you.

Marketing Workshops

Try our marketing workshops for FREE

The first FREE introductory workshop will cover the Business Posture section of the Strategy Builder training programme. 

This 45 minute call will cover the following areas: 

  • Splitting your marketing activities into customer acquisition and customer nurturing marketing strategies 
  • Add clarity to your objectives by asserting a well defined USP 
  • Generate a business posture by presenting value and results combined with your passion to deliver 

The complete workshop programme includes Marketing Analysis, Content Marketing, Information Architecture, Improving Communication and Measuring Success. These workshops can be arranged as 45 minute telephone / Zoom calls to be held once a week (a time and day that fits). Those companies who wish to take this further can arrange one-2-one training or join an existing workshop group held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

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