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Web design

Website design

Your website needs to be useful and serve a purpose, no matter how beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing to the eye it may be.

That's why Netflare recommend Bootstrap 5 modern design framework; it creates mobile-first responsive websites that look amazing.

Not only that, Bootstrap 5 provides a natural and familiar user experience, meaning the layout fits user expectations of layout such as calls-to-action buttons, minimising confusion and reducing navigational frustration.

Bootstrap logo

Styling and typography

Bootstrap 5 comes with lots of built in styling and javascript functionality that only requires the appropriate class to be added to the html.

Used in conjunction with Drupal views, you can create great looking and organised pages using galleries, cards, tabbed sections, accordions and list groups with existing content.


A hero section is a responsive snippet of Bootstrap 5, having a headline, sub-heading, images, and call-to-action buttons.

The purpose of the hero section is to highlight your brand or message, get your message across and make the call-to-action as clear as possible.