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Ideal customer profile

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

An ideal customer profile is a description of your perfect customer.

It is defined by industry fit, demographic fit, business size fit, business growth fit, their ability to buy and their readiness to buy.

These profiles will describe a special set of buyer personas that perfectly match your products and services and will provide a viable and profitable business for you.

From your ICP's point of view, your products and services will add value to their business by improving efficiency, improving sales and improving profit.


How to use your ICP

How to use ICPs

You can use your ICP to help define what a high quality lead for your business looks like:

Budget, revenue and size: determining what the highest price a customer would be prepared to pay.

  • Horizontal and vertical markets: exploring what market niche would capture the most business with the least marketing.
  • Geography: researching whether certain regions are easier to sell into.
  • Scheduling: optimising stock and production to meet the expections of speed of delivery.
Marketing Workshops

Try our marketing workshops for FREE

The first FREE introductory workshop will cover the Business Posture section of the Strategy Builder training programme. 

This 45 minute call will cover the following areas: 

  • Splitting your marketing activities into customer acquisition and customer nurturing marketing strategies 
  • Add clarity to your objectives by asserting a well defined USP 
  • Generate a business posture by presenting value and results combined with your passion to deliver 

The complete workshop programme includes Marketing Analysis, Content Marketing, Information Architecture, Improving Communication and Measuring Success. These workshops can be arranged as 45 minute telephone / Zoom calls to be held once a week (a time and day that fits). Those companies who wish to take this further can arrange one-2-one training or join an existing workshop group held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

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