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Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis

Performing a marketing analysis for your business is an essential step in building a brand and presenting your products and services to your customers.

A marketing analysis will help you:

  • Discover where you stand in your industry and know your competition;
  • Define your customer types using buyer personas and identifying your ideal customer profile;
  • Assess your marketing channel options and what works best for you;
  • Understand your customers needs to optimise your marketing efforts.
Research your industry

Research your industry

Gain an understanding of the industry you reside by identifying how to enter the marketplace, see the current trends and compete with other brands.

Any market research you do must be backed up with data you can rely on. This can either be collected yourself using questionnaires and polls, or obtained from trusted sources such as academic journals or the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Buyer personas

Buyer personas

Understand your customers and create multiple buyer personas. 

You can then offer a personalised experience that appeals to your target audience by creating content for each persona.

Ideal customer profile

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

An ideal customer profile is a description of your perfect customer.

This is defined by industry fit, demographic fit, business size fit, business growth fit, their ability to buy and their readiness to buy.

These profiles will describe a special set of buyer personas that perfectly match your products and services and will provide a viable and profitable business for you.

Multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing

Here’s how to get your marketing organised, bring clarity to your existing strategies, and maximise your potential by creating an effective marketing hub. 

Imagine if you could put in one place, the best possible response to every enquiry you get, and the best possible targeted marketing copy you could write to attract your best customers. This carefully crafted and smartly written material would be your marketing hub.

Customer relationship analysis

Customer relationship analysis

How to Take Control of Your Customer Relationships and Determine your Quality Issues.

 Having a process to build good relationships with your customers and prospects will make business communications easy and turn your customers into great customers.

Customer benefit analysis

Customer benefit analysis

How to Determine the Most Desirable Benefits for your Customers. 

The purpose of deriving customer benefits for your products and services is so that you can outline the delivery of results the customer wants that are specific to them.

Scenario analysis

Scenario analysis

How to Know what Information Your Prospects and Customers Want to Read. Performing a customer scenario analysis will help you understand your customer's needs / questions and allow you to identify the key benefits that your services or products provide for a customer. This, in turn, allows you to develop a website response that addresses each customer need / question.

Marketing Workshops

Try our marketing workshops for FREE

The first FREE introductory workshop will cover the business identity section of the brand development training programme. 

This 45 minute call will cover the following areas: 

  • Splitting your marketing activities into customer acquisition and customer nurturing marketing strategies 
  • Add clarity to your objectives by asserting a well defined USP 
  • Generate a business posture by presenting value and results combined with your passion to deliver 

The complete workshop programme includes Marketing Analysis, Content Marketing, Information Architecture, Improving Communication and Measuring Success. These workshops can be arranged as 45 minute telephone / Zoom calls to be held once a week (a time and day that fits). Those companies who wish to take this further can arrange one-2-one training or join an existing workshop group held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

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