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Are you spending too much on ads?

Here's how to unlock your potential to maximise your marketing ROI and improve sales.

By exploring the concept of modelling your marketing efforts, you'll learn how to predict your ROI accurately. 

With the right tools and strategies, you'll discover how to run multiple campaigns targeting various customer segments at optimised levels, ultimately driving sales to even greater heights.

Buyer personas

Re-evaluate your buyer personas

Accurately identify and understand your different customer segments, ensuring your marketing efforts align with their behaviours and preferences.

Creating detailed personas can help build rapport with potential customers by making the message personalised. The research and preparation of creating a buyer persona will help you understand and address their concerns. Each buyer persona will have different pain points you can address separately.

Website strategy

Enhance your customer engagement

Determine path scenarios through your content to engage and educate your customers. 

By providing impartial and educational content, you will gain trust with your customers.

By providing persuasive offers at opportune moments, you will increase the likelyhood of catching the customer when they're ready to buy.


Autoresponder email

Use auto-responders for each customer segment

Align your auto-responder email campaigns with the specific pathways designed for each customer segment, increasing relevance and engagement.

You can explore different styles of auto-responders:


Prospect is hunting for information and comparing you with others.


Prospect is comparing products and services.


Prospect is ready to buy.

Google analytics

Audit your digital analytics setup

Check your Google Analytics configuration to ensure it accurately measures the performance of landing pages. 

Use tags and landing pages to optimise the capture of possible events. 

With the right messages, you can track customers in each segment, enabling you to gauge their level of interest and education, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Web stats

Enhance the effectiveness of your KPI tracking for each customer segment

Optimise your data collection methods to achieve better informed ROI decisions.

If you have a clear path set for the actions you want your visitors to take, you can either use web analytics to track these specific actions, or you can include tagged pages or landing pages throughout the path your visitors take and then count the number of visits to those pages using your webstats analyser tool.

MeshSTOR logo

According to Meshstor, "Once you identify your customer types, you can target them with the right product and the right offer."

Meshstor utilises Mailchimp email campaigns to effectively connect with their various customer segments.

They further emphasise the value of such campaigns by stating:

"Netflare has helped us turn the whole process of sending emails into a simple weekly event."

This testimonial underscores the importance of targeted email marketing in engaging different customer segments and streamlining the marketing process.

Spiral out of control

An unmanaged budget can quickly spiral out of control

This leads to inefficiencies in your advertising campaigns. 

Without proper oversight, you risk making costly mistakes when attempting to scale up your advertising efforts. 

This can result in missed opportunities, where you may overspend on narrowly targeted customer segments instead of exploring more lucrative buyer personas. 

By neglecting to optimize your ad spend, you limit your potential for growth and profitability, ultimately hindering the success of your marketing endeavors.

Customer journey

Maximise your ROI and start driving business growth

Effectively managing your advertising budget and optimising your marketing efforts are crucial for maximizing ROI and driving business growth. 

Netflare has the training workshops to show you how to refine your buyer personas, improve your KPI tracking and align your auto-responder emails.

With clearly defined customer pathways, optimised landing pages, and analytics to track customer engagement on your website, you'll be able to manage your ad spending much more efficiently. 

By implementing these strategies with Netflare, you can ensure that your marketing resources are allocated efficiently, targeting the right customer segments with the right offers. 

Expected results

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